Hi, it is with sadness that I have to announce that Camp Pegs will cease trading at the end of February 2018.

My reason for this is that, being a caravanner and now travelling extensively, it is not possible to provide the level of service that I consider acceptable to my customers. 

Camp Pegs would like to thank all past customers, and the many repeat customers, for their support. 

Happy and safe travelling! 

PS - I have left this Web site intact but have reduced the shop stock to zero ("sold out").

If anyone wishes to purchase this little business, it is very easy to start up again.

Contact me at camppegs@gmail.com if interested. 

Camp Pegs are an innovative screw in peg for securing annexes, awnings, shades, shelters and tents. No more annoying tent pegs!

Camp Pegs are a revolutionary screw in ground anchor. They securely hold caravan awnings and annexes as well as camper trailer bed flys and shades.They are also awesome for holding tents in strong winds.


They have been tested in various ground types and easily outperform most other types of peg. They have been developed for travellers by travellers. 


Camp Pegs come in 3 lengths - small (160mm), regular (200mm) and large (260mm). As they have a large washer head (25mm or 1" diam) they can be used as is or, for more flexibility, an optional hook can be fitted to allow tension springs and guy ropes to be easily attached.


All of our pegs are case hardened solid steel and the hooks are 6.3mm aluminium rod. Both are immensely strong. The pegs are further DELTA®-SEALED to resist corrosion in the ground and the hooks are accented safety yellow to minimise the hazard of tripping over guy ropes.


DELTA®-SEAL is a zinc flake coating system. The system comprises an electroplated base layer and DELTA®-SEAL topcoat which provides highly effective anti-corrosion protection, over twice as effective as galvanizing.


Camp Pegs are designed to be screwed into the ground using a T50 bit that fits all cordless drill/drivers as carried by most caravanners. What's just as important is that they are also unscrewed from the ground so there is no need to use peg pullers! For lightweight travellers, they can be screwed in and out using a 8mm wide screwdriver.


With Camp Pegs, you can leave your multitude of tent peg shapes and sizes at home. They are all you need! For every occasion in every type of ground, Camp Pegs will do the job! Not only are they excellent all rounders but they are light too!


In extremely hard ground (Broome etc.) these screws excel. I have even screwed them into a bitumen road!