User 1:

I have a wind up camper trailer and find it quite useful to have 6 each of the 3 sizes of Camp Pegs together with 12 hooks.

This way, I can mix and match Camp Peg sizes to suit ground hardness and have the ability to simultaneously use 2 bed end flys as well as an awning and ground mat.


User 2:

I have a caravan with a roll out awning. I use 4 of the standard Camp Pegs with hooks to secure my awning with guy ropes and I have 8 of the small Camp Pegs to secure my ground mat. I also have 2 of the large Camp Pegs to optionally secure my awning through the feet so I don't have any guy ropes to trip over. If I want to do this in hard ground, I use 2 of the smaller size of Camp Pegs. 


User 3:

I have a motorhome and use 8 of the small Camp Pegs to secure my ground mat.


User 4:

I have a dome tent that needs pegging at 4 corners and 4 mid sides. I use 8 small Camp Pegs but also carry 4 standard Camp Pegs for the corners if the ground is soft. I also use 2 small Camp Pegs with hooks for the vestibule.


User 5:

I have a roof top tent and use a pop up shower/toilet tent which I secure with 4 small Camp Pegs and hooks. I have a further 2 standard Camp Pegs with hooks for my vehicle mounted pull out awning. 


User 6:

I have a soft floor camper trailer with a large tent section. I carry 6 small, 12 standard and 6 large Camp Pegs together with 24 hooks. This means that my "mobile family home" is always secure as I can mix and match to suit any situation. This was a great investment as they outperform my old bunch of tent pegs hands down! 


User 7:

I use a large Camp Peg with a carabiner on it to tether my dog when camping. The large smooth round head on the peg means that the dog can walk about without problems of the rope winding around or the carabiner slipping off.


User 8:

I am a backpacker walker and carry 2 small Camp Pegs together with a stubby screwdriver. They have kept my small tent relatively stable in strong winds and are worth the small weight penalty.